Creating Multiple Mini Niche Portal Sites

July 6, 2017

The popularity of the minisite has elevated amongst the internet marketing crowd as a viable way to create one page minisites that sell, pre-sell and get opt in subscribers. These pages are much more easy to create and have great value because of its cash producing and list building percentages.

Another viable way to enhance those minisites is creating mini portal sites in combination of your minisites. Portal sites, as minisites are doing now, are coming back. Many of the large authority networks have these large mega sites which encompass every topic under the sun. They are meant to attract a large crowd, by providing general news about all topics in combination of some sort of service such as email.

The number one site in the world is Yahoo and for good reason. It generates tons of unique hits per month along with the fact that millions use it for getting their emails. Yahoo also has a portal site integrated as their home page. Building such a page though for a small online business, is out of the question because it would be next to impossible to overtake this beast of a portal site.

Just as smart boxer fighting a bigger man than he, you gotta beat giants where they can’t compete. In boxing, that might be to be a faster, more agile while constantly moving and not going up against your opponents strength. The same would be applicable in creating mini niche portal sites. No need to go against Yahoo’s strength, so you beat them being more specific and creating niches around tightly focused keywords, keyword phrases and topics. For example, Yahoo might provide a wide variety of general content concerning cars, but you could create a mini niche portal site focused only on street racing cars. Your mini niche portal site on street racing cars might have articles on the different types of accessories, recommendations on those accessories and articles concerning this tightly focused niche.

Writing articles and providing resources and news on this topic can make it extremely popular with that select market. To monetize these mini niche portal sites , you could add Adsense, provide advertising spots for a monthly fee to vendors within this niche or create a downloadable ebook that has to specifically do with this niche. To go one step further, you can create a minisite as a sales copy or create a review page of an affiliate product that you might partner with. The power of this concept is enormous and the opportunities are endless. But don’t stop there. The key to beating bigger, more general sites, is to make multiple mini niche portal sites and really beat your competition to the punch.

In conclusion, creating mini niche portal sites and combining them with minisites are what can set you apart from bigger more generalized sites. Use tightly focused topics, creating articles and monetize your sites to maximize your earnings. Then multiplying your efforts by making multiple mini niche portal sites that focus on other niches tightly focused areas. To go one step further, using the same example with cars and street racing cars, you can broadening that niche with another mini niche portal sites dealing with hot racing spots all over the country, with your subscribers adding in content themselves to further creating a community feel to this niche.

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